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March 7, 2017

Future Technology Escape Room: Reason, San Francisco (CA)

A bunch of weirdos
Reason, the room that promises high tech gadgets, but does it live up to the hype? We were conflicted when rating this room as people had very contrasting opinions. The technology was cool, you get to use a 3D printer, a drone and a VR kit and some riddles were clever. Mike, the founder and moderator was chill and we liked him a lot. There was also a story line communicated through videos but if you aren't there when it's revealed, it's impossible to follow.

Riddles overall were well thought out and fulfilling but I have a theory on the split reviews: The people who were more affirmative got to solve the best riddles and gave the best ratings. The people who were more laid back were "left" with the bottlenecks and had no idea what the others were doing. It was funny to see how some riddles were totally disregarded and left behind for "others" to solvce while people went on to do the new stuff.

We think that the best way to play this room is with six people but that makes it $80 a pop and it's questionable whether any room is worth almost triple the average price.

Pros: A lot of things to do, cool tech (as promised) and really awesome founder/moderator who was dynamic

Cons: No secret rooms, more of a riddle solving extravaganza than any "physical" puzzles. A few tech items felt forced and not really thematic to the room. Clues required listening to long speeches which was cumbersome when done repeatedly. Moderator in the room the whole time making sure you don't break any of the tech.
  • Set/room design: Good, but not much to explore in terms of room count
  • Technology/automation: Gen-2 (high tech)
  • Difficulty: Difficult, a lot of puzzles to solve
  • Price: $480/room, no individual bookings
  • Number of players: 10, private room (we recommend 5-6)
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Overall Rating: ★★
See their website here: https://www.tryreason.com

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