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December 10, 2019

Escape Room Enthusiast Survey Visualization

What a fun community!

The 2019 Escape Room Enthusiast Survey Visualization was created in an entirely different style when compared to last year's version. Last year's visualization presented Errol and Lee-Fay's results in a single interactive page. This year I tried to bring some excitement by focusing on the community aspect of the survey, rather than just the data. It was quite an effort to reach out to people via Facebook, Slack and other channels and I hope the escape room community enjoys the results! Note that it's best viewed on a large screen.

Remember the visualization is interactive, so you have to click on filters and charts to get the most out of it.

Select each question to unlock Easter eggs

For example, the filters will dynamically change the page content (results and images) when you choose a different survey question. You can even filter to see how the responses were like in your own country.

Not only will Survey results update, so will the image to the right

The page below allows you to see "who we are" with some demographic and geographic data about survey respondents.

I'm always trying to learn and improve so please let me know what you think of the visualization that you can find by clicking here.