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January 15, 2018

2017 Achievement unlocked Medalists

Finally, we are proud to announce the Escape Rumors Achievement unlocked Medalists for 2017!

Achievement unlocked medals are given to the top escape rooms played by Escape Rumors every year. On top of being solid escape rooms, these rooms also distinguished themselves in the following categories:
  • Best Immersion
  • Best Technology
  • Best Storytelling
  • Best Puzzles
  • Best Set Design
  • Most Creative
  • Most Climactic
  • Most Clever
  • Most Shocking

2017 Escape Rumors Achievement unlocked Medalists

Best Immersion
The Study (The Basement, Los Angeles, CA)
Magic Kingdom (Maze Rooms, Los Angeles, CA)
Occam’s Apartment (Evil Genius, Los Angeles, CA)

Best Technology
The Edison Room (Palace Games, San Francisco, CA)
Revenge of the Sheep (ClueQuest, London, UK)
Pandemic Zero (Omescape, San Jose, CA)

Best Storytelling
Grandma’s Master Plan (60out, Los Angeles, CA)
The Vanishing Act (Locurio, Seattle, WA)
The Virus (Get the F Out, Los Angeles, CA)

Best Puzzles
The Alchemist (Escape Room LA, Los Angeles, CA)
The Hex Room (Cross Roads, Anaheim, CA)
The Whispering Halls (Enchambered, Sacramento, CA)

Best Set Design
Titanic (60out, Los Angeles, CA)
Crossroads (Escape Games Canada, Toronto, Canada)
Tyranno Industries (Escaparium, Montreal, Canada)

Most Creative
Midnight On The Bayou (Red Lantern, Brea, CA)
Quest For The Crown (Exit2Escape, Dublin, CA)
Runaway Train (Quandary, Roseville, CA)

Most Climatic
The Diner (Quicksand Escape Games, San Diego, CA)
An Hour To Kill (Exit Game, Monterey Park, CA)
The Raven and the Red Death (Epic Team Adventures, Seattle, WA)

Most Shocking
Zoe (Escapade Games, Fullerton, CA)
Bloody Elbow (Quest Room, Los Angeles, CA)
The Escape (The Unlockables, San Diego, CA)

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