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July 18, 2017

60out: Titanic, Wizards Workshop, Senator Payne (Los Angeles, CA)

60out is often touted as having extremely high quality set designs and “Titanic” in particular is recommended on many escape room blogs. This company actually has a few locations in the LA area after some independent rooms were merged together so expect some variation in style between the different franchisees. "Titanic" and "Wizards Workshop" are at the Marina Del Ray location while "The Mystery of Senator Payne" was at Corinth spot. We also played Grandma's Masterplan at the Melrose location which was one of our favorite escape rooms of all time. We love tangible puzzles and beautiful set designs but we're aware that this alone doesn't make a great room.

Titanic (Marina Del Ray)
The story: "Your crew volunteers to navigate the depths of the Titanic with the hopes of activating controls that will salvage the lives of the many helpless on this sinking ship. Their fate is in your hands. Best of luck."

"Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the heart will, go on" - Celine Dion

I couldn't help but sing this song as we played the game out of respect for one of the all time classic power ballads beloved by many. Even before you enter the room, the door that you go into from the hallway is impressive. Wow good first impression. While making a set for the Titanic would be easier than say, the USS Enterprise, I must say that the look and feel is perfect. The rooms are decked out from all angles and the automation and effects were superb. There were a few cool puzzles that I loved but also a few that were a bit of a stretch or so we thought due to wear and tear on some clues. One of the puzzles I loved was one that I had been waiting forever to see and it was finally in an actual game (message us for details).

Wizards Workshop (Marina Del Rey)
The story: "You are the students of a wizard. Unfortunately, your teacher made a mistake during an experiment and became a soul without a body. You, his new students, need to put the little magic you've learned to use so you can save him before he completely disappears into the fourth dimension."

There are a lot of wizards theme rooms out there and while this one starts off pretty ordinary, it picks up midway and sends you into a much more immersive world. There was one puzzles that were hard to figure out (wear and tear again) and another had some finicky tech. The GM was good about the tech issue so that was no problem for us but I've heard other groups that were unnecessarily stuck because of this.

The wizards theme was very well done and the way 60out crafted the experience was great. The flow of the game was smooth, similar to Grandma's Masterplan and the puzzles made more sense thematically compared to the Titanic room. The set was well crafted and the finale was quirky and funny. The transition between rooms was also creative and our overall impressions were pretty much the same as Titanic. Given that this location was two amazing rooms, we highly recommend coming to the Marina del Ray location.

One weird thing about the lobby was that you could hear everything the GM says (sounds like it's even amplified) to the current groups playing so try to block that out or risk ruining your game.

The Mystery of Senator Payne (Corinth)
The story: "There are no political games without innocent victims. The people before you disappeared looking for “Bill 666” inside the office of Senator Payne. Now it’s your turn to try. Will you vanish like everyone else, or can you get the job done?"

This room was one of the first 60out rooms to come out. I don't know how to put it other than the room felt old and this was before knowing that it was an older room. There were some puzzles that were adjusted to be more difficult as they were too easy but the solution seemed to rely on some luck. In a similar fashion to their other rooms, the game starts off really slowly and borderline boring. The mood changed halfway through to be much more immersive but some poor lighting made it hard for us to solve some things. This room is define above average but won't blow off your socks in any way. This room three years ago would probably be amazing.

Pros: Great production level, incredibly immersive and great use of tech
Cons: A few finicky puzzles and Senator Payne was a bit dated
  • Set/room design: Titanic is one of the best we have ever seen
  • Technology/automation: Gen-2 room
  • Difficulty: Medium-Hard
  • Price: $26-40/person,  
  • Number of players: 2-6 (we recommend 2-3 ), private
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Overall Rating: Titanic & Wizards Workshop ★★★★½, The Mystery of Senator Payne ★★★
See their website here: https://www.60out.com

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