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April 27, 2017

Locurio: The Vanishing Act (Seattle, WA)

One Wizard to fight them all
"The Vanishing Act" is consistently highly rated by escape room enthusiasts and we headed over to Seattle to play it for ourselves. We were five people, which turned out to be a good number and most of us had some decent escaping experience. The story centers around the magician, Noximillian and the disturbing disappearances of his assistants. His latest assistant, Casey, asks for your help in uncovering the truth behind what's going on and sends you into Noximillian's private dressing room while he is performing on stage.

The immersiveness of The Vanishing Act was second to none. This escape room had an actress that help set up the story well and also provided hints with one of the best (seamless) hint mechanisms we've experienced to date.

The set decor in the lobby and in the room itself matched the theme well so we immediately felt the high level of polish. The storyline was easily followed and we felt like we were in a movie which makes the entire experience all the better. We appreciated the clever puzzles and many riddles required teamwork to solve, all in a good way. There were enough things to do to keep all of us busy and there were no long or tedious puzzles to grind out. The Vanishing Act ended in a culminating finish with all five of us working together.

One thing to note, and it seemed true for the rooms we did in the area, was that the footprint of Seattle escape rooms was on the smaller side. The Vanishing Act did not have any/many extra hidden rooms which we always like to see. There weren't any crazy reveals but the way that the puzzles tied to the theme was magical and the finale was also fun.

Pros: Great immersion and seamless integration of all aspects of the game
Cons: No/not many extra rooms
  • Set/room design: Great! Even the lobby is themed well
  • Technology/automation: Gen-2 room (high tech, mostly the last puzzle)
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Price: $37/person,  
  • Number of players: 2-8, open to the public (we recommend 4-5)
  • Duration: 70 minutes
  • Overall Rating: ★★★★½
See their website here: https://www.locurio.com

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