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Best Escape Rooms In Spain: 2023 Update

I was extremely excited to play games in Spain as Barcelona was my favorite escape room city in the world. This was one of the most ambitiou...

About Us

Based on the US West Coast, Randy started EscapeRumors.com in 2017 to share his passion with others and to help grow the escape room community. He played close to 600 escape rooms in the US, Canada, Australia, Scotland, England, Spain, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy with the goal of connecting to fellow enthusiasts and introducing people to this new genre of entertainment. The below are some escape room related highlights:

From time to time, the team will go on city-wide escape room crawls (think 15-20 rooms on a long weekend) and has met tons of great people along the way and is always looking for new people to play with.

Contact us for any questions or comments at info@escaperumors.com!

Randy & Team

There are a few other blogs out there that we also recommend viewing for some great tips:
William @ https://escaperoomtips.com
Lisa & David @ https://roomescapeartist.com
Cici & Brandon @ https://www.ESCAPETHEROOMers.com

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